Saturday, July 23, 2016

Be Brave

Again a few thoughts and a little update. I always love to hear what people are reading, thinking, meditating on. What things are coming together through thought and experience.

We have just really been enjoying summer. Wether it be on our trip across the country in our airstream (WAAAAAY too many pics to follow), out on the lake, or just playing in the backyard. This summer is about house projects and finishing a few big tasks. Andrew is working on the last of his A and P certification tests! I told him I am going to throw him a mini graduation ceremony and make him wear a cap and gown. He refused to walk at his undergraduate because he said he would walk for seminary. Cant let him think he got out of that one! Im just working and really enjoying this season with the boys. Liam is so big! Almost 4. He can pretty much swim and he is so bright. He listens to the Jesus Story Book Bible on audio and can recite almost entire sections by heart. He told me "mommy all the stories they are really all about Jesus!!!" I love him so. He is also a major stinker and talking sass all the time. Grayson is Mr No No. He is into everything. I turn away, he is sitting in the ashes in the fire place. I turn away, he has used a stool to climb on top of the stove. Man 16 month olds are busy and he is no less athletically capable than Liam. So blessed. So exhausted. Ha!

Been thinking about bravery...
"Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love."
Been living with these words at the forefront of my mind these days as we deal with fear on so many levels. Fear for our world, our country, and on a micro scale our families. Every time I go to feed Grayson at a restaurant (he has a peanut allergy) I tell myself to be brave. Its easier to shut down or shut away, or be angry. Love is a risk. We are called to be loving. Love our enemies is an outrageous calling. But also to stand fast, be strong, be brave. In a world where taking a stand for anything absolute is shunned this is something to think about. But do it all in love. Be brave and love someone unloveable. Be brave and stand up for someone helpless. Be brave and give your whole heart to your spouse and loved ones even though they WILL hurt you. Be brave and dare to live into the blessing God has given you, instead of pushing them away because it is too scary to believe they are real in case they be lost to you and the pain too great. That is true bravery!

Here are some pictures of our cross country trip. Minnesota to Glacier Montana. 

Also A few pictures from the end of spring when we met my nephew in California, Beckham Knutson!