Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Saturdays are the best for home made breakfasts, morning cuddles, and relaxing. After we went to the Arboretum, one of our favorite local spots. Its absolutely beautiful this time of year. 
Another fun Liam-ism from today, when asked what would he want to wish for he said "God". Then when asked what would you want to say to God his reply "Lu you God". Love that little boy and his little thoughts. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Fall Is Coming

I can feel it... Fall! My favorite season. Its getting a bit cooler and the trees are starting to yellow. We are starting to sleep with the windows open, tea every night, and I'm looking forward to planting bulbs to appear next spring.  We have a lot of projects in full swing. Andrew is learning how to do fabric at work and we are very proud of him. Now that I'm into my second trimester I am feeling a lot better! We are working on getting the house ready for winter, and I'm painting the kitchen. (Before and afters soon to come!) Liam's turning two this coming month and I can hardly believe it! He got a new jacket from Grammie and he is very excited. He is getting more and more into building and I just love this stage. There is no shortage of talking and funny new Liam-isms. The newest being he calls me "hey babe, mommy" just like daddy. Or "hey Nin, mommy!" when he really wants my attention. Liam has been wanting to use the potty from time to time which is hilarious. Lots of grunting and much discussion of what is suppose to happen in the potty but no results, ha! Again, I love this stage.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Skidama Rinky Dinky Dink

The Minnesota State Fair

Well it is that time of year again.... the Minnesota State Fair is here!
Here are a few pictures from last year. Liam has gotten so big!! 

This year the animals where huge hit. Liam ran from pen to pen saying "Hi pig, hi pig, hi pig." 
So fun to see his excitement! Then he got to pick one ride and he went for the swings. As soon as it was over he asked for more, and then bawled his head of when we said no. We ate fried food and people watched to our hearts content.
The hit though was watching a country band at the end, where Liam made some friends and they danced the night away. They where the cutest! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"God Is"

This morning Liam looked at me while eating mac and cheese in his jammies at 11:45 am (a rare specialty meal around here) and said, "I happy mommy!"
I replied, "You're happy!? That's so nice buddy. What's making you happy?"
"God is."
Sigh... just love those moments haha.
Now that was quickly followed by a melt down when I tried to take a picture of him in a new/old hat we found in his closet today. But it was worth it : )
Here's to stopping and being "happy" today for the little things.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Since We've Been Home

We are home and trying to get back to normal over here. Our little guy is the sweetest and absolute best little traveler, but there is always an adjustment period after full blown Grandma and Grandpa time. Mostly when I ask if he wants to go out he just says "No mommy, home!" And thats just fine with me. Except when we need to go to the grocery store because all that is left is half a loaf of bread. 
We did find time to go on a walk and stop at the park. The weather is beyond perfect, mid-seventies and the bluest skies dotted with white puffy clouds. We made a quick stop at the library to return a book and discovered there is a great play area. Which makes for a lovely time for both Liam and mommy, because I can sit and read for a second or answer emails while he plays. That is until some drunk 16 year old boy came and sat by me and wouldn't stop talking and wanting to show me "scary pictures" of his girlfriends fake gory makeup skills. People should get prescreened before being let into the library.
Liam also surprised me by coming up to me after I spent 10 minutes loading laundry and said "look mommy airplane tattoos!" I blame this on his father. Andrew finished a lovely little path in our backyard to our bonfire pit this week, while Liam and uncle Ookie camped in their teepee!
All in all I'd say, it's good to be home : )!