Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving and Traditions

We had a really nice Thanksgiving over here. Quiet and relaxing, surrounded by snow and family. We really miss all of our California family but it is so nice to just be a small group sometimes. There was much feasting and napping and relaxing!
We continued on our family tradition that we started Liam's first Christmas in Green Bay, of going out to cut down our own tree. It was a crisp sunny day and Liam had so much fun this year and was very into decorating. Andrew also made us a second little turkey for the occasion (I shouldn't say little, it was 20 lbs!).
Thankful for this life I have been given, my boys, and the restoration and peace Christ brings.
As I head into my third trimester and the first morning of Advent, I look forward in anticipation to this season!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Potty Training

There is a lot about parenting that is exactly what I expected it to be. But there is even more that is completely opposite of how I thought it would be. Potty Training for example. I was never into the idea of potty training early, especially having a boy. I just thought why bother? Yeah diapers aren't exactly cheap or easy but they are pretty convenient. You don't have to stress about where you are going to be when your toddler has to go potty, or about accidents. I was all for waiting until Liam was closer to three years old. Yeah we would have two kids in diapers but that seemed easier than the alternative. Plus they are only in diapers for so long, and I'm just not into pushing them to grow up any faster than it already goes. 
Well this littler person of ours had other plans. He would bawl his head off because I "won't let him" go poop in the potty! He also refused to keep his diaper on. So after weeks of resisting him I finally thought to myself "am I seriously fighting him about wanting to go in the toilet?" So the next day we went to work! I opted for this "potty train you kid in 3 days method" and it has been awesome. I don't think this is really for all kids but Liam is just a pretty determined and mature little guy. We went and picked out cute little undies and spent 2 days holed up working on it together and he is doing awesome! Not saying he is perfectly potty trained but pretty dang close! And he is so proud of himself! Thats one of the best parts about being a parent is helping him learn and achieve new milestones and watching how happy it makes him. Plus it has been super hilarious. Lots of very funny nakie pictures and so many hilarious conversations. He has been cracking us up! I just love this little guy so much! And Andrew is amazing, he is so committed and helpful with the whole thing. Im so thankful to be parenting with someone who is so involved and committed.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Last weekend Andrew and I went away just the two of us for the first time since becoming parents. We have done a few nights where Liam stayed with Grandparents but this was the real deal. A whole long weekend of adult time! And I only cried once missing Liam :) 
We had such a nice time. Chicago is one of my favorite cities. We walked around enjoying the architecture, amazing restaurants, and sat for long stretches in coffee houses just talking and reading. We are super thankful we got to stay in the most beautiful apartment downtown, thanks Vanessa and Gary!!  It was pretty blissful, especially just being with my guy. There is no one I'd rather be with. 
But man it felt good to get home to my little guy. Being a mom is so terrible and wonderful haha. You are so exhausted and can't wait to be alone for 5 minutes and the second you are away from them you miss them so much it hurts! Gotta love my life! Now its back to the freezing cold tundra!

How could you not miss that little face!!!