Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Wilderness

I read this quote the other day and have been pondering it every since. May it give you food for thought.

The wildness is a place God takes you when he is pleased with you. It is a place without distraction, a place of conversation. It is an invitation to leave behind the things that have oppressed and held you captive. "You are not taking that into the life I have for you in the future. Lay it down." Where God is leading you is not about what has been against you, but about what God wants to do for you, in you, and through you. It is about your future, and hope in the Kingdom of God's favor and abundance. It is about your calling and your capacity to reign with the God of love and power and grace.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Planting Ahead for Hope

The temperatures are dropping here so we had to get on planting our bulbs for the spring time. It felt like such a sacred ritual. Liam and I did it together the other afternoon. I dug the holes, and he put the bulbs in and said "nigh night little babies, sleep good, see you in the spring" and then we covered them up with their blankets of dirt to rest until the snow is gone and spring has come. 
It is funny to do something in preparation of something seemingly so far off. I had debated wether or not to do it this year. It seemed maybe my money and time would be better spent on other things right now. But then I remembered how badly I would want, or no, NEED that little bit of hope and peeking of green come April. So I bought my crocus, daffodils, tulips and allium, and set them in the ground for that gloomy day ahead. It has made me think a lot about what I am filling my mind and heart with these days. That even on good days I need to be planting roots, and laying down seeds with words and thoughts that will ground deep and bring me hope on dark gloomy days when I really need it. So often in my life in good times, surrounded by green,  I have abandoned planting, not thinking ahead. I love that the seasons remind me to live my life intentionally, enjoying the time I'm in but intentionally planning ahead anticipating the seasons to come. 

A Little Bonfire and Date Night

Friday, October 3, 2014

Is this what Toddlers are like?

Well I officially had one of those toddler days with Liam yesterday. Its funny how you see pictures of other people's children writing on walls, and cutting their own hair and are so misguided in thinking it won't happen to you. Well it will! And it does! 
I decided we needed a down day at home, to recoup and just get some rest. BAD IDEA. I think Liam was pretty bored and so he decide to try all the things he has never tried before. 
As I was on a conference call with work and making my bed at the same time and thought he was in his room, he snuck past me and went into my bathroom and opened all the nail polish bottles (a feat I did not know he could even do, since I screw the tops on very tight). He then chose bright red to paint the toilet, the floor, and the dresser, and then proceeded to draw war paint on his face. We then had a very frantic battle of "how do I clean you and our newly remodeled bathroom without spreading the mess further?" 
After that ordeal had subsided, while I cleaned up the bathroom mess, he found the tub of butt paste I so stupidly left on his dresser and ever so sweetly "Lo lo- ed" his face. (Translates into putting on lotion in his mind.) Now one thing about butt paste is it is water resistant! That was a fun mess to clean up. 
This all ended in a crying fit while I held him in my bed, which ended in him falling asleep in my arms while he stroked my face. I of course forgave him immediately as this happened and thought to my-self "what bathroom?" "What nail polish?"
Its all ever so worth it, and ever soooo exhausting!